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Charity Focus

Charity of the Month: Amnesty International

To round off Refugee Week here at DW, we have awarded Amnesty International with our Charity of the Month title for August 2013. With a global movement of 4.6 million supporters across 150 countries, Amnesty International is the world’s largest ...

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Charity of the Month: Survival International

My new husband, who was born in South Africa, brought my attention to a remarkable group of peoples living all around the world who have no interest in development at all – tribal peoples. Many of these peoples remain un-contacted ...

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Charity of the Month: African Conservation Trust (ACT)

DW’s debuting Charity of the Month is the African Conservation Trust (ACT) in South Africa. The ACT is a registered not-for-profit organisation which is responsible for the implementation of various projects in and around Southern Africa, with a vision of ...

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Tonight I’m going to party like its 1929!

The roaring Twenties. A decade of post war jazz, extravagant fashions, Egyptomania and the Charleston. It was also an era of medical breakthroughs, with the discovery of Penicillin, Insulin, Vitamins A through to E and the Scarlet Fever immunisation. At ...

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