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Windmills, Weight Loss & Weddings


This month I have been around the world and back! From Australia to Europe, here’s what I have been doing with my month…

A humbling way to start my Saturday, June 8, I met a girlfriend at the State Theatre to watch a docu-movie as part of Sydney Film Festival. The film, entitled ‘William and the Windmill’, followed the success of William Kamkwamba – a young Malawian who built a power-generating windmill from junk parts to rescue his family from famine. Read the full review here.

As we emerged from the theatre and made our way to the nearest coffee house, we passed a busy street stall of activists campaigning for Gay Marriage Equality in Australia. More than happily, we stopped to sign the petition.

On the same day, around 17,000km away, tens of thousands of supporters were gathering in Hyde Park for the Big IF London rally to make a massive noise in demanding that G8 leaders – who met in Ireland on 17-18 June – take action to tackle global hunger and save the lives of millions. Although I was very sad that I wasn’t in the UK for the festivities, Big IF had planned ahead for people like me (the supporters from overseas) and used a neat little bit of technology to allow us to get involved from afar. By allowing the Big IF to access my facebook page, my profile picture (and DW’s logo) appeared on the big screens at Hyde Park, showing my support in my absence, and even posted to my facebook wall to let me know the minute I made my London appearance! DW’s guest writer, Ashley Winter, covered the event in person. Check out her review here.

Later in the month, I was feeling inspired to donate some of my time, and took to the web to enlist as a support volunteer for Sydney’s Color Run in August and the Blackmores Running Festival in September.  If you would like to do some good and get involved, either as a sponsored participant or as an event volunteer, check out our Events page and follow the links to the relevant websites.

The inspiration just kept on coming this month! After trying to squeeze into my trusty LBD and realizing I could no longer get in it, the scales confirmed my darkest fears by telling me I was officially at my all time heaviest. Enough was enough. After a series of failed diets, I knew I needed an external motivation to keep me going when the times got tough so I decided to embark on a 12 month challenge to shed the weight and raise money for Action Against Hunger through JustGiving.  This is easily the biggest challenge of my life! Follow the tears and the tantrums on my weekly blog, Fight Hunger with Hunger, here on DW Online. Don’t forget to leave me comments with your tips and words of advice – God knows I’m going to need it!!

Even after such an amazing month, the absolute highlight for me was flying over to the UK at the end of June to watch, DW Co-Founder, Jesamine Ong become Mrs Jesamine Somerville! Immaculately coordinated, Jesamine, wearing vintage lace, was married to Russell Somerville in an exquisite country setting. As part of the wedding invitations, Jesamine and Russell had stipulated their desire to have guests donate to Survival International instead of buying them wedding gifts. A testament to the wonderful warm hearts of Mr and Mrs Somerville! Among the beautiful floral centre pieces and pretty favours, the tables were scattered with Survival International leaflets, telling the story of the only human rights organisation who work solely for tribal people’s rights worldwide.  A fantastic end to my month, and to my holiday, I wish Jesamine and Russell all the happiness in the world and hope they have a fantastic honeymoon in Europe!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Somerville, from everyone in the DW team xxx



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